How Much Storage Do I Need On My Laptop

How much storage do I need on my laptop?

If you are interested in buying a laptop you must have scavenged the internet. Along with that, you must have inquired many IT geeks to give you the best advice. Whenever we are looking to buy an electronic device there are many features and aspects to look out for. We usually like to go with luxury and comfort which is one way to go, but there are few things that cannot be compromised like Ram, Storage and battery life etc.

How to know how much storage is enough?

Ask yourself for what purpose do you need to purchase a laptop? This is an important question. You may ask why this question? To answer that, as laptops are multipurpose devices they can be used for browsing, documenting, doing e-commerce, designing, keeping memorable picture and videos, having a collection of songs, having numerous books and whatnot. For instance, if I take myself here to answer this question I will tell you that I need my laptop to store my official documents, pictures, songs, Photoshop’s item which still needs improvements, my unlimited e-book and many apps that helps make my work\life more efficient. As now I have given my example, you must have a better idea to know how much storage is enough.

Which suits your requirement SSD or HDD?

The World is evolving therefore we need to keep up with its pace. As the technology is innovating new developments are taking place. In the past, most laptops came with hard disk drives. But now solid-state drives have taken over the hard disk drives. The best hard drives aren’t as fast as the best SSDs, but they’re definitely more affordable. Plus, the best hard drives come with huge amounts of space at a lower price, rather than costing a fortune for a glorified flash drive.

You won’t get the best hard drives in the best Ultra books, but they’re definitely worth looking at as an external measure – especially if you have a lot of data to back up. You know that SSD is usually smaller in size than HDD. And also cost per GB is higher in SSD than an HDD. So you might expect that the largest drive in the world is the HDD. But you are wrong because it’s SSD. In mid-2015 the 16 TB PM1633a was first announced. Even after so many years, still, it’s the largest drive in the world. And the size of it is only 2.5″. It can store all of the 16 TB of data. They have used 3D NAND technology to run the Best drive for Gaming. If it’s confusing, let me simplify it to you.

  Hard Disk Drive Solid State Drive
01 Metal disk Microchips
02 Budget-friendly Pricey
03 Better for large files Boot up in seconds
04 Use more power Use less power
05 Storage capacity (up to 12tb) Storage capacity (up to 16tb)

As the table above gives a much vivid picture about both the option if one is pocket friendly other is faster, if one has bigger capacity other uses less power. Both have their advantages. Further, it depends on your need and the kind of use you have. So once that’s established, it’s easy to know how much storage you might require on your laptop.

Do you know there are different sizes of HDD?

Let me explain it, as above, I mentioned the different amounts of storage on the device, but knowledge of the physical size of the device may also come in handy. So basically there are two physical sizes which are 2.5 inches and 3.5 inches. Now the question is what is the difference between these two sizes? Well, the most simple explanation is one is for laptops and bigger in size is for desktops.

Leading manufacturing companies:


Western Digital is known as one of the largest hard drive manufacturers in the world. Their latest creation is He12 which will come in 12 TB of storage at 7200 RPM speed.

Seagate is the main competitor of WD in the field of HDDs. They do not have any kind of intentions to pass the role of industry leaders to WD so they have made their own creation which is helium HDDs with a capacity of 12 TB.

Iron Wolf and Skyhawk 10 TB HDDs are available within a reasonable price range.

Toshiba, Micron, and Samsung are the primary makers of SSD memory modules.

Above mention companies are leading manufactures in the market. Do check out their storage devices as they have different scales of storage devices with different price ranges.

I really hope this article makes it easy for you to decide now. In conclusion, I will say that everyday innovations are happening, new and improved changes are made in almost every field. Always go for quality at a time it may cost a little more but in the long run it’s much effective.

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