5 Best Eco-friendly Sunglasses to Wear This Summer 2023

Being eco-friendly, sustainable, and loving the environment is so cool nowadays. Many brands already offer something unusual, that is created according to the ecological standards. The world has so many issues with plastic and food waste, but also with all those non-degradable materials, that are harmful to our health. So, can you imagine turning your whole life into something more sustainable? Like, replacing your usual sunglasses with something new, that won’t cause any plastic waste?

If you are looking for fashion accessories that are environmentally friendly, you probably know that this task is not very easy and that there are many challenges. But that does not mean it is not possible. There are many brands that deal exclusively with sustainable fashion. They introduce completely new standards in the production processes and in the way people accept fashion. Revolutionary materials, attractive designs, and interesting approaches –are the qualities these brands rely on and can create something like this.

We decided to talk more about the sunglasses, since the summer is coming, and we all need some extra protection during the hot days. So, let’s see what we can find on the market:

1. Nomad Eyewear

Source: prdistribution.com

You can find these exceptional models on NomadEyewear – a company dedicated to recycled sunglasses and sustainable fashion. Do you know what the best thing is? They float on the surface of the water, so you don’t have to worry if they slip off your head. The sunglasses are made of recycled ocean plastic, and for every piece sold, the company plants five trees.

We all know that the ocean is full of plastic, which comes from the bad behavior of the people at the beach. There are many companies that are dedicated to cleaning the beaches and ocean from plastic waste, and repurposing it. Their businesses are investing in a sustainable future, and Nomad is one of the most dedicated to saving the environment. And for sure, their sunglasses are modern and easy to wear – with no plastic packaging. Probably that’s all you need for your mission to save the world.

2. Proof Eyewear

Source: iwantproof.com

A company that is focused on helping the world in different ways. In addition to caring for the environment, with each sale, they donate to a variety of causes and for a variety of purposes. Their goal is to create equality for all the people in the world, but also to save the planet for future generations.

3. SOLO Eyewear

Source: ecofriend.org

Glasses are made entirely of recycled plastic and repurposed materials. These people are committed to donating funds for examinations, cataract surgeries, and medical devices for better eyesight. Its mission is to help as many people as possible to save their vision and wear glasses on time, so they can prevent further eye damage.

4. Sunski

Source: outsideonline.com

They are made from recycled plastic, from waste across America. However, they are so well made that the manufacturer gives a lifetime guarantee of durability and quality of the frames. But the manufacturer says that you will have to take care of the lenses more responsibly, but also to use the replacement possibility. Sunski donates from each sale to environmental initiatives.

5. Warby Parker

Source: entrepreneur.com

Another brand that uses renewable materials to create sunglasses frames. Their price is really low, and every part of the glasses is suitable for recycling. The buyer can order a maximum of five pairs to try them out at home, after which they have to return the ones they won’t buy.

This is another interesting solution for those who want to encourage using and wearing sustainable fashion.

Benefits of wearing eco-friendly sunglasses

As you suppose, these products are budget-friendly too. You won’t have to spend a lot of money to buy the sunglasses, but also you can replace the lenses if needed later. You can try different styles, and show the world that you take care of the whole of humankind. Note that there can be more expensive models, but that still depends on the brand, creator, or the way the glasses are offered to the customers.

Eco-friendly sunglasses are made of recycled materials, which improves the overall sustainability of the fashion industry. Also, some of these models are biodegradable, which means the pollution is at the lowest.

As you can see, we described some models that float over the water if you accidentally drop them. That means you won’t cause more plastic waste to the ocean while on a vacation. At the same time, you save money, because you won’t have to repurchase your eyewear over and over again, even if you are a clumsy person.

Another benefit we really like and respect is the companies joining charity missions and initiatives. We explained how some of the mentioned brands donate for higher causes, for better vision medical treatment, or the availability of some services for all the people. We really encourage every brand to join some mission and show that they care for every person in the world.

Every person’s responsibility

If you are skeptical about eco-friendly sunglasses, you can start with something else. Replace some of the plastic bags with textile ones, or join some cause that includes cleaning the parks or beaches around you. You can also go to eco-friendly events, or ban plastic cutlery from your house parties. Giving up on plastic straws is also a good step to take. You can choose paper ones or aluminum straws that may last for years. It’s up to you to make a decision that will bring some difference.


When you are buying eco-friendly sunglasses, it’s always good to find a trustworthy brand, that won’t let you down. Also, choose those who offer quality products with a long guarantee period. Today it’s so easy to be a friend to our planet, and take care of it. Take small steps at a time, but make sure it all makes a difference and helps you save the planet.

That’s the only way to be happy with what you are doing, even though it means giving up on your plastic cheap sunglasses and replacing them with eco-friendly and quality ones.