6 Best TV Antennas You Can Buy 2023 – Top Picks Reviewed

In the digital era that we live in, it is completely natural to have a TV. However, these devices today provide us with much more than just watching our favorite TV shows.

Today in the era of SMART and LCD TVs, we use these devices in multiple ways.

However, just as with a regular traditional TV, it won’t do you any good if you’re not connected to satellite or cable TV – and you can’t do that if you don’t have an adequate antenna. Therefore, in this text, we will deal with what are the best TV antennas that you can buy.

Selecting A TV Antenna

First of all, you need to know what type of aerial you want. Whether you choose an indoor antenna or a satellite dish. Depending on what you want, what your needs are, and, ultimately, what kind of TV set you have – you will most often opt for one of these two types of antennas.

Both have their advantages and disadvantages. However, according to your needs, you can be very satisfied with the choice – which doesn’t always mean enormously high prices. Here are some models of antennas that in our opinion proved to be more than good.

1. LANS-65 MS6506AS Satellite Antenna

Source: vseinstrumenti.ru

This is one of the most affordable perforated-offset type satellite dishes. Relatively small in dimensions but with good functionality – and it has a reinforced bracket that has the ability to adjust the angles. The main disadvantage is that it is made of steel.

However, it is protected with a coating that will certainly protect the dish to some extent – but after a few years, you can expect corrosion stains. However, this antenna is characterized by great safety and stability even in the worst weather conditions. However, you must install it in a settlement that has a stable satellite signal.

Then won’t have problems with the signal even in bad weather conditions. It also has a 35 dB amplifier, which is very significant.

2. GIBERTINI PL-85A Satellite Aerial

Source: pecs-upc-tv.hu

This is definitely one of the most popular satellite aerials, and it’s like that for a reason.

First of all, given its size – it is very stable, and it is made of aluminum.

The size of the dish affects the excellent signal reception even in bad weather – and at a greater distance from the satellite. On the other hand, it is made of quality aluminum, which means that it will not corrode.

Although made of a lighter material, this antenna can withstand wind gusts – and pressure of up to 70 kilograms. It also has a built-in power amplifier of up to 37 dB.

3. Azure AS-35T Satellite Dish – Practical And Stylish

Source: sciteq.com.au

This is representative of its category, which has received very positive customer reviews. According to www.aerialandsatelliteexpress.co.uk, you must pay enough attention to the size of the dish, as well as to the material that it’s made of.

This is a surprisingly practical device that is very easy to install and easy to remove. The compact size, lightweight of the equipment, ease of handling, and reliability of the design – deservedly put this product among the most efficient.

4. OneForAll SV9365 Indoor Aerial

Source: shpock.com

We can say that this model is one of the best when it comes to indoor antenna systems for digital TV.

With an elegant white housing that will fit into any space – this antenna also has its own unique design. You will get excellent TV signal reception with the help of horns that are additionally amplified with a small loop.

However, what is most characteristic of this antenna is the block filter – which prevents mobile phone signals from interfering with the TV signal. So, even when you use a mobile phone, it will not disturb the picture on your TV in any way.

The antenna itself receives a DVBT2 signal, but according to the manufacturer, it can also be used to receive digital radio signals. You can buy it for just under $54. So, it pays off.

5. Indoor TV Antenna SLx 27806R

Source: amazon.ae

At first glance, we’re almost certain you won’t even think it’s an antenna. This device covered with gray fabric will remind you more of a small speaker than a TV antenna. Still, don’t be fooled! This compact soda-sized device can bring you a pretty good picture quality on your TV.

However, we should emphasize that this is a good choice if you are in an area with a strong signal. If this is not the case – then do not consider this model because you will not be so satisfied unless you use the amplifier. However, those who use it and have a good signal, are delighted with its simple and modern design, as well as the price of only £17.

6. HARPER ADVB-2120 Indoor Aerial

Source: aliexpress.com

This is one of the most elegant indoor antennas you can find on the market. This antenna has one telescopic horn – while the rest of this antenna system is an oval arc. The arc is made of plastic but this doesn’t disturb the appearance of this device at all.

Most users praise the design of this indoor antenna because it is very original – and yet, its appearance did not greatly affect the price. Precisely because of the design, this antenna is suitable for placement on a shelf in a room or on a table. We will emphasize that this is an “active” antenna – so it must be connected to the network and the power amplifier goes up to 30 decibels.


As we can see, the choice of TV antennas today is very wide – whether you want a satellite or indoor antenna. Prices, however, can vary depending on the type of antenna, signal strength, and other features that go along with it. However, not every antenna costs you much money.

The point is to find one that suits the needs of your family, and your TV device. Of course, if you are not near the signal tower, it is recommended to buy external antennas – and even additional amplifiers. In that case, you will have a perfect signal.

On the other hand, with satellite dishes, you don’t have to worry about signal quality except in bad weather conditions. We hope that you will find some of the recommended models suitable for you.