6 Best Earrings To Wear If You Have Sensitive Ears 

A frequent form of eczema known as contact allergy dermatitis is to blame for itchy and sensitive ears. Direct contact with an allergy or irritant, such as the metal in your earrings causes this type of eczema. The internal ear lobes come into direct touch with the metals in earrings when ears are pierced, which can cause this form of skin irritation.

Since the skin of your ears and earlobes is so thin, it is especially prone to discomfort and sensitivity. A skin allergy can strike at any age. Even after constant exposure, getting an allergic reaction to metals utilized in earrings and other jewelry is relatively common.

Top 6 Earrings To Wear For People With Sensitive Ears

We have included the best types of earrings you can wear for your sensitive ears.

1. Gold Earrings

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One of the most versatile and beautiful metals for jewelry is gold. As gold is a very malleable metal, the earrings can be molded into practically any shape by jewelers. The gold earrings come in a variety of colors, such as yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, and others. In addition, Gold earrings are one of the world’s most valuable and expensive ones.

14k gold, 16k gold, 18k gold, and 21k gold are the most common gold alloys used in jewelry. In addition to that, solid gold is hypoallergenic. You can check out NovaCollection and acquire the fine jewelry earrings made by them in gold. In addition, they also sell jewelry in silver, platinum, and gemstone.

2. Platinum Earrings

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Platinum is a popular choice for fine jewelry, including earrings, because it is one of the most coveted jewelry metals on the globe. Platinum earrings have a lovely white tone that will not tarnish or need to be polished. The platinum earrings are extremely uncommon and valuable. Platinum is one of the toughest metals on the earth, making it ideal for long-lasting jewelry.

Platinum earrings are accessible in a variety of designs. As this metal is very rare, platinum earrings are often costly. Since platinum is a soft metal, jewelry-grade platinum earrings are usually an alloy of 95 percent platinum and 5 percent different metals.

3. Silver Earrings

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Another lovely white metal used in jewelry is silver. Silver is a very malleable metal, and pure silver jewelry is practically never seen because it is so delicate. The sterling silver earrings consist of 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent other metals.

Silver-plated and silver-filled earrings are also possible. A layer of silver is applied on the surface of these products. Silver plating develops a relatively thin, quickly damaged layer. Since silver-filled earrings have a thicker covering of silver, they are more reliable.

4. Titanium Earrings

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Titanium earrings are another attractive and cost-effective option. Since it is 45 percent lighter than steel, it is an excellent alternative for large jewelry pieces. Titanium earrings are robust and durable and are ideal for constant use.

Titanium earrings resist tarnishing, so you would not have to worry about keeping them clean. These earrings are less expensive than precious metals such as platinum and gold. Pure titanium earrings or earrings with titanium alloys (with other metals) are available. For more sensitive ears, pure titanium earrings are an excellent alternative.

5. Niobium Earrings

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Niobium is a silver-colored element. Niobium earrings can be anodized to a variety of hues, including red, blue, pink, and many others. These niobium earrings are corrosion-resistant, so this form of jewelry is a good option.

The niobium earrings are allergy-free. Thus, people with metal sensitivities will not be bothered by niobium jewelry. These earrings are not made from precious metal, so they are far more inexpensive than silver and gold earrings. Besides that, Niobium earrings are very strong.

6. Stainless Steel Earrings

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If you want silver-toned jewelry, stainless steel is a cheap option. It is a chromium, nickel, titanium, copper, and other metal alloys. Stainless steel earrings are corrosion resistant, which makes them an excellent choice for jewelry that will be exposed to chemicals and rough use.

Stainless steel earrings are less expensive than jewelry made from precious metals. Compared to other metals, they are highly durable. You can match your stainless steel earrings with other jewelry made from stainless steel, such as bracelets, rings, chains, and others.

4 Tips To Acquire The Best Earrings For Sensitive Jewelry

1. Avoid Buying Jewelry Containing Nickel

Nickel is more durable than other valuable metals, such as gold, and it is used to strengthen jewelry. The disadvantage is that nickel triggers allergic reactions in people with sensitive ears. Nickel allergy can occur at any age if exposed to nickel earrings on a regular basis. If wearing nickel earrings or other jewelry gives you rashes, it is best to replace your collection with nickel-free earrings.

2. Medical Grade Gold Titanium Earrings

Purchase medical-grade gold titanium earrings if you want the look of gold but can not afford 14 to 22 karat gold. These medical-grade gold titanium earrings have the appearance of fine gold and are allergy-free.

3. Medical Grade Plastic Earrings

It is best to acquire medical-grade plastic earrings if you have sensitive skin or ears. These are non-metallic and would not irritate your skin. Earrings made of medical-grade plastic are ideal for children as well.

4. Use Metal-Testing Kits

Metal testing kits include a range of solutions that can be rubbed into jewelry to identify the nature and purity of metals. Simply place the solution on a cotton ball and rub it across any section of the jewelry. The chemical reaction affects the hue of a solution, indicating the existence of particular metals that can induce allergies.

Bottom Line

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Earrings will make your face look more beautiful. However, some people with sensitive ears can not wear earrings made from specific metals, especially nickel. So, it is better to buy hypoallergenic jewelry, which is nickel-free. As a result, if you wish to avoid rashes and other allergies, choose earrings from the above list.