4 Ways to Get Beach Waves With a Hair Straightener

Sometimes, you want to switch from those glamorous curls to lose waves that give a chilling vibe like a beach wave. It is more common during summer, hence the name.

Beach wave is that style that you want to create without stress. And using a curling wand for this style seems extra, and it will take time and effort. A hair straightener can come to save the day.

A flat iron can be used to create curls and be used to create those loose waves and other varieties of styles. Using a hair straightener requires minimum effort and gets the work done faster.

And the result looks great and lasts longer. In this article, we will show you 4 methods of using a hair straightener to get beach waves.

Prepare Your Hair

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Start with clean hair: Ensure your hair is washed with shampoos and conditioner. You need to keep your hair hydrated before using any hot tools, so ensure you use a moisturizing conditioner.

Next, to avoid too much exposure of your hair to heat, roughly towel-dry and air-dry till it is about 80% dry. Then finish up with a blast of cool hair from your hairdryer.

Apply heat Protectant: This is a prerequisite for using any hot tools. Heat protectant locks in moisture in your hair to keep your hair hydrated and protects your mane from heat damage.

Methods of Getting Beach Wave with a Hair Straightener

Twist your wrist:

Tools you need to create the styles in this method:

  • Brush
  • Sectioning Clip
  • Finishing Spray

With this method, you twist your wrist inward and outward consecutively as if you are revving a motorcycle. You can get out three different styles using this method.

Polished bend:

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To create this style, first, brush out the hair to remove creases, then apply heat protectant and section into smaller portions. However, each segment can be as wide as you want.

Then pick a division and smoothen the root; hold your straightener horizontally at least one inch from the root of your hair.

Then move your wrist back and forth as if you are revving a motorcycle; continue doing this till you get to the tip of your hair. Make sure you bend the tip of your hair inward to give it a more glam finish.

Please continue with the process until you have covered the whole area of your mane, then finish up with a finishing spray to give it shine.

Make sure that the bend you are creating on each section of your hair is at the same level. For a more defined wave, create more depth in the hair.

Finally, run through with a comb to smoothen the flyaways.

Cool girl waves:

To create this style, pick a section of your already-parted hair. Place it between the straightener, holding the flat iron horizontally. Each portion is not as wide as in the polished wave.

Then start twisting your wrists inward and outward, but, for this style, you are not going to bend your hair too much. Hence the waves will be straighter and close together.

Then, you will hold your hair tighter as you glide your straightener down the mane. Once you are done with your whole hair, please give it a finishing touch with a hair spray to give it more texture.

Finally, run through with a comb to smoothen the flyaways.

Tight waves:

You need to twist your wrist straighter while holding the hair firm to create this style. The waves will be irregular, and each section will be smaller than the two styles mentioned above.

Spray with a hair spray to add texture once you are done. And you can make it more defined using wave spray.

Finally, run through with a comb to smoothen the flyaways.

The techniques to the three styles under this method are the same. But the difference is in how close the waves are and how wide the sectioning is.

The Braid Method

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This is probably the easiest method of getting beach waves with a flat iron, go hairstraightenerlab.com for quality flat iron. But this way is only for those with long mane. The tools you need are a brush, heat protectant, hair straightener, and finishing spray. Brush your hair and make sure there is no tangle.

Then part into smaller sections and start braiding each section from the mid-point down to the tip. The smaller each portion is, the more defined the waves are. Once you braid, then spray your hair with a heat protectant.

And gently pat the straightener down your hair from the base to the root. Do this three to four times, and move to the next section.

Once you are done, leave the hair to cool for a few minutes, then lose the braid and spray with a finishing spray.

S Waves Style

The tools you need are a heat protectant, volumizing spray, brush, and a wide-tooth comb. First, sprinkle a bit of hair powder dust on your scalp to add more volume to your root. Then brush out with a bristle brush.

After that part, your hair is divided into different divisions using a sectioning clip. Then cut out 1.5 inches of your hair to start with the beach wave. Comb through and Hold your hair at 2 inches from the scalp and put your straightener at the root.

Form your hair into a pattern as you glide the straightener down your mane. Once you are done with that section, move to another part until you cover the whole area of your head. Then leave it to cool for about 5 minutes.

After that, add texture by spraying thoroughly with hair spray. Let your lock sit and dry for about 3 minutes, then comb with a wide-tooth comb.

And finish up with a finishing spray. But, if you want more glam, brush with a bristle brush. It looks shinier that way.

Final Thoughts

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These methods are easy, yet some are easier than others. We hope you will be able to use a hair straightener to achieve that beachy waves look with these tips. Which method will you be going for?