Top 10 Financial Books

There is one thing every adult person should know for sure. Financial literacy is the basis of a person’s material well-being. There is no such subject at school and we are not taught the basics of this science. Unfortunately we are not. Well, it includes important and useful information, namely:

  1. planning the family budget;
  2. The rules of saving;
  3. distribution of income and expenses.

We learn algorithms, prove theorems, and solve equations which will never be useful in our lives. But one of the main algorithms is surely working for your life. How do you manage your wallet to live a decent life? If you don’t know the answer to this question, then it’s time to work on your financial literacy. And nowadays, it’s not only about physical books, but you can also get a lot of information online. And if you’re planning to start a business, we recommend checking out, a website that will give you everything you need when you plan to start your own business.

There are so many options where people may find new useful information which they are going to use during their whole life. Many finance-related sources like provide such an opportunity and that is a big chance for everyone – to get essential tips and tricks for money-making or money-saving. We are gonna show you – Top 10 most interesting, informative, entertaining and useful books for building a strong financial base. So, let’s start?

1. Bodo Schaefer “Money or the ABCs of Money”


The narrative is led by a girl who, from a young age, began working and earning money. The second character is her faithful assistant, a Labrador dog. The book is small, easy to read in two days. It is aimed at a wide range of audience – readers of different age groups, parents and children will find a lot of interesting and useful information. In a nutshell, the meaning of the publication boils down to this quote “If you think like you thought before, the results will be the same as before. Movement, implementation, implementation of new ideas and finding yourself in this world – the key to reaching the financial top.

2. Bodo Schaefer The Road to Financial Freedom

Material independence gives the amount of capital in which you do not have to think about money at all. This book – a clear step by step guide to financial freedom and monetary stability. Once a person has been to the top of wealth, he can never be satisfied with less success.

3. Robert Kiyosaki “Rich Dad – Poor Dad”


The author’s main intention is to convey to the reader the importance of making the right kind of money. At school we are taught to work hard, at uni they want to make a specialist who will also work. Robert talks about the importance of investing properly in your own business. “Rich people buy assets” is the main idea of the book.

4. Robert Kiyosaki “The CashFlow Quadrant.”

This publication is dedicated to the study of financial flows. How do you control them by channeling money into your wallet? It all depends on the perception of the individual! Someone likes to “work for an uncle”, and someone likes to manage the holding. How to change the course of the financial flow in your favor? The answer you will find in this source.

5. Vladimir Savenok “How to make a personal financial plan.


Practical instruction that will help achieve financial stability and independence. In it the reader will get an answer to these questions:

  • How to make even a small amount of money start working for you?
  • How to properly plan a budget, and find the finances to implement ideas?
  • How to achieve financial independence?

The book is written in a simple and easy to understand style, without complicated terminology and abstruse expressions – exactly what is needed to start. This book is written by Russian writer which explains many useful things and should be mentioned in this list.

6. George Clayson “The richest man in Babylon.

The book reveals the basic principles of accumulation and preservation of capital. How to behave in order to live a decent life, while saving a certain amount of money? How to make capital to make a profit? If you are in search of answers to these two questions, then we recommend this publication.

7. Robert G. Allen, “Multiple Sources of Income.”


The best work of this author. In my opinion for sure. The book describes 10 different ways to increase your income and provides advice on the proper use of your time. It’s not just a book about methods to increase your wealth but also a book about time-management for business. Just take a look at it.

8. Т. Harv Ecker “Think like a millionaire.”

In this creation, the author expressed an original point of view on the methods of achieving wealth. He considers a person’s thinking to be the key to material well-being. The publication contains practical recommendations on how to learn how to think right and achieve monetary success.

9. Joe Vitale “How to Make Money”.


The book is dedicated to the psychology of human financial behavior. The author tells how to let wealth into your life and how to spend money so that they will return with double force. Amazing option to multiply your potential income.

10. О. S. Melnik “Insurance. Just about the complex.

When a person has money, he needs to worry about saving it. The book is dedicated to all the nuances of insurance. How to correctly conclude a quality insurance deal and not go into deficit when an insured event occurs? This issue is disclosed in the work.

Many things depend not on fate but on us in this life and we should always remember that. If a man decides to become rich with confidence, set a goal and begin his way – then the result will be seen soon. That is one of the most essential rules of successful people and business stuff. Don;t forget to keep in mind some simple advice – everything depends on you and your own decisions. No book is able to change your desire but it still can play a big role for your choices. Dear readers, take note of the listed sources of information and start your way to success!