Top 3 Safety Accessories to Secure a Dog in the Back of a Ute – 2023

A road trip with your cute, furry friend may seem like a lot of fun. It is the perfect weekend getaway, just you and your loyal friend, hitting the road in your utility vehicle. Before you gear up for your next big adventure there are some key things to keep in mind to protect your dog. After all, he has been with you throughout the rollercoaster of your life, so ensuring his safety should be your priority.

Reports state that hundreds of dogs are either injured or suffer fatal accidents when improperly secured in the rear of a ute. Negligent acts like these, not only endanger the life of your cuddly pet but also the other people traveling. There are certain legal mandates in every state which dictate the appropriate measures to protect your dog while traveling. Listed below are some great safety accessories for your next family trip, that will keep your dog blissful, strong, and healthy for many years into the future.

Dog Harness or Rope

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A leash or rope is a convenient way to secure your pet in the back of your vehicle. However, restraining your dog with metal or cloth harnesses isn’t as simple as appears. There are several different harnesses and leashes available which vary according to material and length. The specifications you decide to choose should be the perfect fit for your dog.

The ideal leash is one that is flexible enough to let your pet move around comfortably, at a safe distance from the boundaries of the tray. A rope that is longer than required will not prevent your pet from climbing over the sides of your vehicle, and into traffic. In fact, using a harness that is too long is considered to be more dangerous than not restraining your pup at all.

Using a long tether could result in your furry friend toppling over the back or sides of the vehicle. The dog will then be dragged alongside the vehicle, or be run over by oncoming traffic, making it a choking hazard. This is an awful way to lose your beloved pet, so it is important to prevent this.

If you decide to use a leash or rope to secure your dog, it is a must to use swivels. This accessory can be used at the junction where the leash connects with the collar and another one where it connects with the ute’s floor. This method will keep your pup from getting all tangled up in the harness, and will also prevent snapping.

If you’re finding it stressful to select a comfortable and well-fitting restraint, you can consult your veterinarian for the right rope specifications. With thorough research, you can ensure a safe, and happy trip for both you, and your furry companion.

Custom Dog Cages

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While harnesses and leashes are great for larger dogs, they are not the best option for smaller dogs and puppies who tend to wriggle around.

Dog cages or boxes such as the ones found on are the safest and most comfortable accessories to secure dogs, especially for long road trips.

A dog cage will prevent your pet from being tossed around in rough terrain, or speed breakers. It protects your dog from unnecessary stress and injuries. Dog boxes are also a great option to brave rough weather and protect your dog from over-exposure to the sun.

It is important to select the perfect size when it comes to a cage, to make sure that your dog doesn’t cramp. The cage should also be properly covered to keep your furry companion well-protected from twigs or rock chips that may blow with strong winds, and also from rain.

Select a dog cage that has a sturdy frame that will not rattle and leave your pet distressed. You can also opt for a premium cage, with additional features such as fans, to keep your dog cool during a scorching summer day. Some even come with LED lights. These features will enhance your dog’s comfort, especially if you’re on a long journey.

The cage should be positioned and secured well, right behind your ute’s cabin. This will protect your dog from direct exposure to wind and dust. It will also prevent the box from shifting around too much when you brake suddenly or change speeds.

Aluminum Canopy

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Your dog will often be exposed to dust particles and other debris since the back of the ute is open. These weather elements can injure or damage your pet’s lungs, eyes, and nose. To prevent this, you can also consider an aluminum canopy, which is like a huge dog box that covers the entire tray. A canopy will provide extra protection against rain, wind, and heat.

An aluminum canopy will eliminate the issue of a dog box moving around, and will also protect your tethered friend from falling over the ute. It is also the perfect option to travel with multiple dogs at once.

The sides of the canopy must be meshed to ensure sufficient ventilation. The metallic deck can also heat up really fast, and to protect your dog’s paws, you can provide a cooling pad or a carpet, as a barrier.

Keeping warm rugs around will also prevent your pet from feeling too cold during winter trips. You can also attach a water bottle to the mesh of the canopy, so that your dog doesn’t dehydrate, especially during long journeys.


Some other precautions that can be taken before securing your dog at the back of the ute, include removing clutter such as tools and equipment from the deck so that they don’t become projectiles when your vehicle is moving.

It is also important to use quick-release collars, instead of a choke chain. When you take a sudden turn or hit a speed breaker, your dog can lose his balance, fall, and choke on the collar. The safety accessories and tips mentioned above will ensure a safe and comfortable journey for both you, and your furry, cuddly friend.