Fortnite Building Tips: Resources, Ramps and Basic Forts 2023

Playing games is a better choice for a gamer to pass his time and entertain himself as well. But Fortnite game is one which you can’t go along, without knowing some essential tips as it is a bit hard to understand.

But don’t be afraid. Here we suggested you some tips in this article, which can build your chances in the game.

It is easy for anyone to jump into Fortnite, but get to the final 10 players and be a master in this game is quite tricky. If you still don’t know that what a Fortnite is, then you should have a glance at it:


  • Fortnite is an online video game which is available on multiple platforms including Xbox, PlayStation, etc.
  • It is a shooter-survival game where players collect resources, make tools and build Forts.
  • Moreover, it is a multiplayer game where players fight to be the last person standing.

If you want to survive in Fortnite until the very end, you must have to know about how to build a strong Fort first.

The following suggestions will help you improve your ability to perform, plus make you win more matches that a gamer wants.

How to Build in Fortnite?

Building Fort is a vital part of playing Fortnite. So make Fortnite building more quickly and with the right resources, should be your primary focus. But, learning to build is of no use if you don’t have funds to develop.

Gather Resources/Materials on the go:

You should chop the stuff around you in every move of yours. When you break something down, it will become one of the three resources which can be used to build. These three core building materials/supplies for building Fort are:

  1. Wood (includes trees, boxes, lots of buildings. It is weakest of all but build faster)
  2. Brick (includes rocks)
  3. Metal (includes cars, machinery. It is most durable but takes time to reach its full capacity)


However, the wood used as the best material for an early fight. As Fortnite: Battle Royale emphasizes rapid building with a quick movement.

Gather more wood as quickly as possible, so then no snipers can guess your position and further move. For this, you should keep your pickaxe in hand all the time. It is essential to continually gather materials, till the danger of a nearby player is suspected because you’ve to shoot them quickly.

Furniture is the easiest target inside which you can chop using a pickaxe. You can also chop trees but never finish them all because it can alert everyone to find your exact location.

Remember that swinging pickaxe makes a lot of noise. So don’t get too much involved in gathering resources, that you even forget to look around for other players.


If you want to build a stronger Fort, then blocks and metals are necessarily a good choice. By this, you’ll be safe more from the attackers.

It is also the fact that these materials take more time to build your Fort, as compare to wood. So it is one of the drawbacks of these resources that they can leave you exposed for a long time.

It is also essential to keep moving while chopping from your pickaxe, so then the enemies cannot be able to spot you. For example: jump around and don’t be so calm.

Before start building, you must have to keep an eye on resources that have left to you. This will save you from running out of the funds in mid-fight.

Know How to build a Basic Fort First:

Once you have a basic sense about how to grow, then you can start making Forts. The following steps should consider building a very basic Fort:

  • First, create a rectangle out of walls so the enemy can’t target you directly
  • Stand in the center
  • Place ramp/ramps leading upward on both sides
  • Finish the build, by placing a wall behind the ramp

Advance Fort/ Sniper Tower:

Build a Sniper Tower, when you want to snipe out an enemy in a far distance. To build Sniper Tower:

  • Create a small box encasing yourself
  • Stand to one side
  • Jump and place a ramp leading upwards
  • Move to the highest point of this ramp
  • Build more walls
  • Again, jump and put a ramp leading upwards
  • Repeat the process to keep building taller

Build platforms from the taller slopes allow you to reach new areas in the game.

Using RAMPS in Fortnite:

Some of the main uses of Ramp in Fortnite are:

  • You need to go through Ramps, occasionally, if you want to cross an open area.
  • This will give you a safe way to go if other players are expected to watch you.
  • The ramp can use for staying hidden while peeking over the edge to shoot enemies.
  • If the bullets start raining down on you, then you’ve to toss up ramps.
  • When you’re preparing for an imminent fight, then you can use the ramp.
  • The ramp can also give you cover from being suspected by other players nearby.

Keep in mind that it’s not a permanent cover as it can destroy very easily. So run up quickly on some ramps at random, skip others. Vary the length of slopes you create and enjoy its height advantage.

How to Build a Ramp Tunnel:

Make Ramp Tunnels when you’re bind and need to get up. They will safely take you high.

  • First, drop a wall as a base
  • Stand in the center
  • Place a ramp or ramps leading upward, to run along
  • Finish the build, by placing a ramp roof from wall base

Keep in mind that you have to move back and forth from ceiling to floor when you create Ramp Tunnel.

Don’t rely just on one Build structure:


Use pyramids instead of relying on just one build structure. Ramps and walls aren’t the only building tools. You also have monuments, which you can add to your compositions.

If you continuously build with just one structure to protect you, this is a great way to alert your enemies. Worst of all, if you maintain a high ground with only a couple of wooden floors. You will quickly fall and die if a player from below destroys your platforms.

In Fortnite, the best Forts draw on multiple building structures. This can give you best defense possible. Towers are also excellent choices because they provide you with reinforcement and ensure protection from fall damage, even if a core wall or ramp gets destroyed.

Add a Campfire:

Campfires use as a healing tool in Fortnite games. They can heal the ramp in Forts. So it’s better to drop one for healing if you are hanging out in your Fort for a moment. Or if you are hurting, but want to keep watch.

Use the Edit tool to see through your structures:

Edit Mode can let you quickly leave and enter Forts by creating doors, windows, arcs and much more in it.

You can create a doorway or turn a wall into an arc way. This can provide you a way to peek through your structures and track incoming enemies. By this, you can also survey your surroundings to see other players who run around in the open.

Also, if you want to build a strong Fort, then you should learn how to edit your structures.

  • Removing one space from the wall creates a window
  • Create a back door to your fort by removing two blocks. This make a sneaky getaway
  • Dig a hole in the floor and drop through this for an ultimate surprise attack

Use the edit tool to remove sections of a wall, to get a more unobstructed view of what’s happening on the other side. Moreover, these edits give you many different ways to get out of your Fort.

Remap Your Building Keys:

For PS4
For Xbox

Fortnite has to default key mapping settings that work fine early in the game. Albeit, they aren’t ideal when the game speeds up. So remap the keys like suitable for your play style, as the building gets more robust with the game.

You can do so by giving yourself a few matches to get comfortable. Experiment until you find a layout that feels natural and comfortable.

Final Tips and Tricks:

  1. Don’t try to build more advanced structures early in the game, as it’ll just waste your time and resources.
  2. It’s also important to make a more durable base with bricks and metals, once you’re ready to build severe Fort.
  3. To destroy someone else’s Fort, shoot at it.
  4. The ramp is mainly used to climb up to the mountains or raise structures, but you can also use it for carefully climb down cliffs.
  5. No needs to build, at a time you’re already near covers such as a building, thick tree, or a group of bushes.
  6. Stay unpredictable and keep your opponents guessing. So then you will stay in the game for longer.
  7. Don’t stay inside your necessary Fort for too long.
  8. Don’t peek out at regular intervals
  9. Change pauses between peeking out and staying hidden
  10. In short, vary your behavior because if you get into a routine, others will quickly realize it.

So follow the tips for the stay so long in Fortnite.