7 Best Engine Driven Welders For Beginners – 2023 Buying Guide

So if you need to do welding while you are at a great distance from the nearest power supply engine driven welders are a great option. These machines are designed to withstand the required working cycle, but at the same time provide a quality welding experience. You can find a lot of models on the market and thus adapt to your budget and work needs. However, sometimes it can be difficult to choose and that is why it is always good to analyze in detail every machine that is shortlisted.

To make this search process easier for you, we’ve done it for you. We must not forget that certain projects on construction sites and similar places involve a number of challenges. That is why it is important that in addition to mobile welding, you get all the other characteristics that meet your work standards. It is necessary to take into account motor capabilities, long duty cycle, etc. Read a brief analysis of some of the most popular machines on the market.

1. Big Blue 500x Pro with Arcreach

img source: ifexport.com

As the first option, we present you one of the top machines, but also a more expensive version. However, the price-quality ratio is fantastic and that means you won’t regret it if it’s your choice. This machine was on the list of favorites, primarily because of its design. Welds are consistent which allows a higher level of precision. This would be a big difference compared to traditional welder generators.

It has an auto remote sense, HD powder coat, a high degree of resistance to rust and corrosion, infinite arc control and many other features. It also has thermal overload protection and thus prevents damage to the machine due to exceeding the duty cycle. Find out even more about this welder at welding.com.au.

2. Hobart Champion Elite Welder / Generator

img source: hobartwelders.com

This generator runs more than 9000 watts of continuous power and has very high-quality parts. When it comes to its shortcomings, we can say that it is a little heavier and does not include welding leads. However, it is a model that has exceptional fuel economy and lasts for over 10 hours. It works perfectly well with mild steel, stainless steel, and cast iron.

3. TOMAHAWK 15 HP Engine Driven Portable Generator and Welder

img source: walmart.ca

The company behind this machine is a manufacturer of energy equipment for various crafts and is thus used in various industries. They have been operating very successfully for many years, and they also cooperated with Honda in order to offer the most durable engines. Either way, this model has excellent specifications that come in one package. They are stable power, durable metals on welding cables, and are very easy to handle.

They also have a large capacity of power that allows them to work for a long time, which means that it is a great choice for demanding projects. People who have had the opportunity to operate these machines confirm that they rarely break down and withstand everyday use better than some other models. Thanks to the digital counter on the front table, the amperage chart is very easy to understand.

4. Hobart 500559 Handler 140 MIG Welder

img source: raptorsupplies.com

This machine weighs only a few tens of kilograms, medium size with the installation method MIG. She doesn’t need barium. The model is applied to auto parts, home repairs, and is also used as an agricultural tool. It is also very useful when working with lawns and garden items. It is mostly used for craft projects. It is perfect for beginners because it is very easy to carry and easy to use. People who have never worked with these machines can always read the guide located on the inside of the cover. Many of them are satisfied with the work of this machine when it comes to welding copper pipes, titanium, cast iron, aluminum, brass, and other metals.

It is adapted to the conditions of the household when it comes to electricity consumption. This way there will be no need for special connectors or plugs. The model has five position tapped voltage control. And this option ensures optimum arc. This can relieve you of tedious cleaning after using the machine because you will have a lot less splatter.

5. Lincoln Electric Engine Driven Welder, Bulldog 5500

img source: sustainablesupply.com

It is one of the models with the most attractive price, which makes it an ideal choice for users with smaller budgets.

However, in addition to the low price, it has excellent quality and much more. The machine is very easy to control and maintain, and the only drawback is a lot of sounds. Also, the fuel capacity is not at an enviable level, but thanks to other specifications, it can be a great helper in many projects.

So, the machine is fuel-efficient and it is a cast-iron cylinder. When it comes to the possibility of welding, it corresponds to the welding of stainless steel, steel, and cast iron. It has an optimal duty cycle and supports gasoline as a power source for equipment.

6. PrimeWeld 50A CUT50DP NonTouch Pilot Arc Welder

img source: amazon.co.uk

The machine weighs approximately 20 pounds and does not need batteries. It is great to handle and will allow you to advance in skills and techniques without buying additional machines. It is used in many processes which means you can cut metals and fabricate metal things. This applies to aluminum, copper, brass, steel, and many others.

Thanks to its lightweight, the machine is perfect for people who use it for hobby purposes. It is also very small in size and this means that it will not take up a lot of storage space. The only drawback that users notice with this machine is that it cannot meet industry standards. However, this makes it a great choice if you are a beginner in working with these machines.

7. Lincoln Electric Ranger 330MPX

img source: harrisweldingsupplies.com

We present you with a slightly more expensive choice that is worth considering for several reasons. First of all, take into account the fact that this is improved and new technology. In that case, it is much lighter compared to some other models, but also more portable. You can also benefit from the digital interface as well as other specifications. It is also a very quiet machine which is a relief for all those who have sensitive ears. This is an enclosed case generator and so the engine components are protected.


Finding the right machine can be a daunting task. Especially when you have hundreds of machines at your disposal. However, based on available machines and analysis of user reviews, we tried to include all the favorites in 2023. We hope we have been able to help you with our mini-research on this topic.